Friday Five – April 29

Happy Friday! Here’s a random sampling of what I’ve been up to this week.

What I’m listening to: Thrice – “Black Honey”

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NHL Western Conference Round 2 Preview

On Wednesday I prepped you for the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. I also mentioned that I had a chance to get 7 of my 8 predictions from the first round correct. Nashville, though, had other ideas.

Quick aside: I feel for Bruce Boudreau. The guy can’t win. His reputation as a great regular season coach is matched by his reputation as a terrible playoff coach. In our world, the latter is far more important. His players love him (Teemu Selanne notwithstanding) but that only counts for so much.

On to Round 2 in the West. The convoluted divisional playoff system paired up Pittsburgh and Washington last night, the East’s top 2 teams by record. Tonight, the convoluted divisional playoff system pairs up the West’s top 2 teams by record. The NHL remains unique among the pro sports leagues in its ability to undermine itself in subtle but effective ways. Continue reading “NHL Western Conference Round 2 Preview”

NHL Eastern Conference Round 2 Preview

The 2nd round of the NHL playoffs starts tonight! We’re down to the final 8… err, 9 teams. Anaheim and Nashville are still playing their 1st round series, which hopefully will conclude tonight.

I said I wouldn’t split up my previews again, but I also didn’t anticipate the NHL scheduling a 2nd round game before the 1st round officially ended. Since the Eastern Conference picture is set, I’ll begin my preview there, where we’ve got 2 long-time rivals squaring off for the first time in years, and 2 teams that don’t have any history whatsoever.

One thing to note: I offered some predictions before the playoffs started, but I reserve the right to change my mind now. It would be foolish not to make use of any new information. If you’re going to be upset that I didn’t stubbornly stick to my guns, and you read on anyway, well, you knew the risks. Continue reading “NHL Eastern Conference Round 2 Preview”

Friday Five – April 22

This week’s edition of the Friday Five is brought to you by Craig and Smokey.

In case you missed it last week, this is where I dump 5 things that have been rattling around in my brain onto your lap via the medium of written word. Try to imagine that in a good way.

Last week I failed PR 101 by launching the blog on a Friday afternoon, traditionally the point in the news cycle when companies/politicians/public figures release news that they want people to ignore because they’re already on their way home for the weekend. I’ll try to avoid that in the future. Continue reading “Friday Five – April 22”

How to Know You’ve Created a Habit

When you wake up in the morning, and see that it’s raining outside, and think to yourself, “Cool! I get to run in the rain on my way to the gym.” And you’re not being sarcastic.

Then you think about the person who saw the rainclouds and decided to skip training today, and you actually find yourself feeling sorry for them.

It’s fine to make excuses for why you can’t do something. But when you see someone else getting the thing you want, don’t chalk it up to luck or fortune.

Stage Presence

The most useful feedback I got after sharing this blog last Friday was “be funny.” That’s probably good advice in all walks of life. Laughter is one of the keys to happiness. Even when faced with a terrible situation, laughing about it can actually help alleviate stress and make you feel better about yourself. Making people laugh is a good goal; now I just have to figure out how. Continue reading “Stage Presence”

Friday Five – April 15

This blog isn’t just my personal mind dump. Ideally, I’d like to use this space to share what I’m doing at any given time. An idea I’m kicking around is a sort of weekly recap, where I give you 5 things I’ve seen, heard, read, experienced, or thought about. Of course, this does come back to me in the end, in the sense that I actually have to do 5 things each week worth writing about. I call it the Friday Five, a title I am by no means beholden to and will gladly take any suggestions to call it something else. And here we go… Continue reading “Friday Five – April 15”