Friday Five – June 24

Happy Friday! It’s time for me to share the stuff that has caught my attention this week. In the words of Sir Basil Exposition, a lot’s happening, Foxy. I skipped a week for travel; more on that below.

What I’m watching: I didn’t know Adam Driver was a Marine.

Choosing him to play Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movies makes perfect sense after hearing his story about transitioning from the military to acting. But I also like the idea behind the Arts and the Armed Forces program. If Sebastien Junger is right, and the real problem facing veterans is reintegrating into our society, Driver is on the right track.

What I’m reading: “Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world.” Kudos if you know the book this quote is from.

What I’m interested in: That book had a surprisingly prescient take on modern technology, including virtual reality. I’ve avoided any articles about VR because I assumed it was purely for entertainment (porn will never be the same). This article suggests that VR could have practical applications beyond a new definition of “first-person shooter” video games.

What I’m thinking about: It’s been a busy week for the NHL. From expansion (Vegas, baby! Vegas!) to awards to the draft (The reason I have ESPN Insider is Corey Pronman’s prospect rankings). And free agency is coming up next week. I heard something happened in the NBA, too, but I was too busy noticing that Bauer has already decked out Auston Matthews in blue and white.

Where I’ve been: This blog has been quiet for a couple weeks. That’s my fault. I have this thing where sometimes I procrastinate on tasks I know I have to do. They pile up, I get overwhelmed, and end up doing nothing. I tried to write a few different times–topics ranged from the Orlando shooting to the Penguins’ Stanley Cup win–but none of the words felt right.

Last weekend I went to Denver for a bachelor party. Four days of golf and other assorted festivities with a great group of guys. I barely slept, ate like I was in college again, and possibly drank way too much. Somehow I came out feeling recharged. That’s the power of great friends.

First off, much respect to the people who write every day. I thought it would be easy to put up a few hundred to a thousand or so words per day. I found out it’s going to take more effort than I anticipated. And I’m excited to take on that challenge. Second, please bear with me. I’m still learning the ropes here. If I go a few days between updates, it may be that I’m working on a longer piece. Or just that my mind is stuck. I’ll come around, eventually.


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