This is sort of an addendum to my last post; a list of my favorite things about Texas. In a particular order, though not necessarily a ranked order

  1. Breakfast tacos
  2. Brisket
  3. Football
  4. Two-stepping
  5. Country music concerts
  6. Floating the Comal and Guadalupe
  7. South Padre
  8. Uptown Dallas
  9. Midtown Houston
  10. 6th Street
  11. Rainey Street (before it went mainstream)
  12. Thirsty Goat
  13. The best restauranteur handshake in Austin
  14. Lockhart
  15. Shiner
  16. King William
  17. The ’09
  18. Rosario’s
  19. The California Burrito
  20. Fiesta
  21. Long, slow walks on the Riverwalk
  22. Brunch at Candlelight
  23. The original chicken sandwich at The Luxury
  24. The ice rink parking lot after the last game
  25. White team winning every time
  26. The 1221/River House group text
  27. Everyone at GS1221
  28. Everyone at Rosella Coffee
  29. The sky at sunset
  30. Winter*

*Winter in Texas refers to the time between December and March when you can comfortably wear jeans all day.


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