On the Road

I drove a thousand miles from San Antonio to Atlanta yesterday. Here are five thoughts/observations from 15 hours spent on the road.

It’s amazing what humans are capable of after drinking four cups of coffee while listening to trance radio.

I have now driven across Mississippi twice without ever getting out of the car and setting foot on the ground in the state. I’m undecided as to whether that counts as having visited Mississippi (I think the same question applies to Rhode Island as well). I’m not sure I’ll ever have a reason to come back this way again, and I’m worried I squandered my chance to visit all 50 states. On this particular trip, it started raining as soon as I entered Mississippi, and stopped when I reached the Alabama state line. That probably means something.

Speed limits in Alabama are more like suggested minimum speeds. On Interstate 65 between Mobile and Montgomery, I was doing 80 mph, which more often than not meant I was in the slow lane being passed by vehicles going at least 5 mph faster.

There is a fireworks stand off of I-85 in Alabama near the Georgia state line that claims to be the largest in the world. I didn’t investigate further, but from the highway, it appears to be a massive warehouse-style store. Absent evidence to the contrary, I’m willing to accept their claim to fame.

I’m pretty certain that I drove past the Hyundai plant where my car was born.



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