A Light Lunch

I’ve been looking for an authentic Chilean food experience to share, and today I found one. Or rather was shown one.


That, my friends, is a whole lotta meat. The item on the left side of the plate is lengua–beef tongue.

No, I did not eat all of it myself. It’s a shared plate, and there were five of us (the sixth was a vegetarian who nonetheless tried the tongue).


We drank terremoto, a Chilean specialty that translates to “earthquake.” It’s a sweet wine with pineapple ice cream. Sweet, but quite good.


And that is chicha, another sweet wine with oranges in it. Despite what is implied by this picture, I did not drink the entire pitcher by myself.

I’m going a little out of order because I have a longer post about my activities over the last three days. Rest assured, I will have more updates to come.


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