A Case of the Mondays – November 7

A grocery store is an odd place to panic.

I walked into one this weekend without a list. Instead, I told myself I would buy whatever was in season or on sale.

I walked out empty-handed.

Looking back, my mistake was obvious. Supermarkets are designed for sensory overload. Just aisles and aisles of marketing, designed to part me from my money. I felt so overwhelmed, I couldn’t even buy one thing.

I went home. Distracted myself with mindless tasks. Then I made a compromise. Just buy some eggs, fruits, and vegetables for breakfast. I’ll eat out for dinner this week.

I ended up buying ingredients for fish tacos. Hopefully they work out.

Time for another Monday update.

What I’m listening to: Taking Back Sunday, “Tidal Wave”

The first time I heard this song, I had to double-check to make sure Adam Lazzara hadn’t left the band. Sure enough, it’s him. This is a great song; it’s just not a Taking Back Sunday song–the band that wrote songs like “You’re So Last Summer” and “Cute without the E (Cut from the Team).” I mean, it’s the same group of guys. But they’re all grown up now. I guess I should take the advice of the third song on the new album–also called Tidal Wave–I can’t look back.

What I’m reading: Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull (Amazon)

Ed Catmull is the president and one of the founders of Pixar. Which means he’s responsible for impacting an entire generation of children with movies like Toy StoryFinding NemoToy Story 2Wall-EToy Story 3Toy Story 4… Okay, that last one doesn’t exist–yet. But he’s a guy who knows a thing or two about making animated movies. More importantly, he knows a thing or two about managing a group of creative people to get them to produce great work. Most importantly, he shares those things in Creativity Inc. Packed with great tips–and charming cameos by Steve Jobs–Catmull’s book is an excellent lesson in leadership.

What I’m watching: Lots of great highlights from the week in hockey. Including a quasi-line brawl between the Canucks and Maple Leafs. But the craziest game had to be Friday night in Columbus. The Canadiens came in undefeated in regulation. They left on the wrong end of a 10-0 score. That’s ten. To zero.

Just to recap: Montreal was the last unbeaten in regulation team in the NHL. And their first regulation loss was by ten goals. That has to be some sort of a record.

What I’m thinking about: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” -Dr. Seuss

Every month, I update the background on my computer with a new quote. This month’s quote comes from one of the most popular authors of my childhood. It reminds me not to overthink a problem. Complex solutions might work, but simple ones are easier to execute–and repeat. A simple action beats an elaborate thought every time.

Have a great week.


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