A Case of the Mondays – November 14

My favorite way to start a new week is to reflect on the week just passed.

What did I do? What worked? What didn’t?

Last week was a good week. I finished my first project at work. I changed the oil in my car. I bought groceries. I made my own lunches for this week. I posted another set of notes.

Not everything was great. I wrote a stream-of-consciousness post that I hoped would provide some comfort to people upset with the election. But I don’t think it worked the way I imagined it in my head.

My life seems pretty boring compared to my summer abroad. And that’s the way I want it. But it makes writing tough. I don’t have the automatic “write about the cool things I saw and did today” angle.

I’m building habits that I hope will sustain me through bad times and good. The challenge now is to find something interesting to say about it.

With all that said, it’s time for another Monday update.

What I’m watching: The trailer for Ghost in the Shell.

It’s rather appropriate timing; the original Ghost in the Shell was a Japanese manga–and then anime–about interconnection between humans and computers. Scarlett Johansson strikes me as a solid choice for the cyborg lead. With a slickly packaged, Blade Runner-looking trailer, there’s a chance Hollywood captured the spirit of the thing.

What I’m listening to: Anyone who follows me on Spotify knows the answer to this question. I’m just taking a minute to mention that I am constantly updating this playlist. I think of it as the soundtrack to my life at any given time.

What I’m reading: Tim Ferriss’s weekly 5-Bullet Friday email is part of my inspiration for the weekly update blog post. Last Friday, he sent out a link to an op-ed the New York Times published last year about college students. The lengths people are going to avoid discomfort constantly amazes me.

What I’m reading, Part 2: Millennials are getting a bad rap. So I thought it only fair to share a good read on the societal pressures and forces that have shaped my generation.

What I’m thinking: We learn from those who came before us. So where did Millennials learn to be selfish, entitled brats, I wonder?

I hate to end on a dour note. So here’s Patrick Kane doing Patrick Kane things.

Have a great week.


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