Book Notes

The inspiration for this page comes from Derek Sivers. I read one non-fiction book per week on average (I read fiction too, but purely for pleasure). There is no way I could remember the insights from that many books without a way to organize them. Enter the commonplace book.

My note-taking system borrows heavily from Derek and other thinkers. I transcribe everything to Evernote so that I can access my notes anywhere. I thought it was cool that Derek shared his notes online. I imagined how it could help people who didn’t have the time to read that many books. I decided that if I ever started a blog, I would do the same thing with my notes.

Each link below starts with a quick summary of the book. This page will update as I add new books, so feel free to check back in the future.

Getting There

The $100 Startup


Stumbling on Happiness

Predictably Irrational

Becoming Steve Jobs

The Obstacle is the Way


Creativity, Inc.