Video Breakdown: Lightning-Penguins Game 4

I spent four years as a video coach for a minor league hockey team. My job was to cue up the video, then sit back and let the coaches analyze it. It wasn’t a glamorous job, and the pay was meager (they fed me), but I consider it to be one of the best experiences of my life.

For one thing, I got to give away free tickets, which is probably the only reason I have any friends. More importantly, I observed how professional hockey coaches watch the game. Their analysis is very different from what you get from TV commentators. Those film sessions taught me to look for details beyond who scored the goal and who passed him the puck. I learned that credit and blame for goals was not always obvious. Continue reading “Video Breakdown: Lightning-Penguins Game 4”


Friday Five – May 20

Happy Friday! It’s monsoon season in San Antonio, which seems cruel and unusual after the Spurs were eliminated by, of all teams, the Thunder. But that won’t stop me from posting another roundup of the stuff that kept me busy during the week.

What I’m listening to: A brand new Brand New song.

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NHL Western Conference Round 2 Preview

On Wednesday I prepped you for the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. I also mentioned that I had a chance to get 7 of my 8 predictions from the first round correct. Nashville, though, had other ideas.

Quick aside: I feel for Bruce Boudreau. The guy can’t win. His reputation as a great regular season coach is matched by his reputation as a terrible playoff coach. In our world, the latter is far more important. His players love him (Teemu Selanne notwithstanding) but that only counts for so much.

On to Round 2 in the West. The convoluted divisional playoff system paired up Pittsburgh and Washington last night, the East’s top 2 teams by record. Tonight, the convoluted divisional playoff system pairs up the West’s top 2 teams by record. The NHL remains unique among the pro sports leagues in its ability to undermine itself in subtle but effective ways. Continue reading “NHL Western Conference Round 2 Preview”